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Village Management System

cuuble is an online platform designed to create and manage communities offering connectivity, accessibility, security and a sense of belonging.
cuuble features messaging, photo sharing, care plan and diary management, peer interaction and support, remote care by family, friends and carers.

cuuble offers
a social network

Friendship is one of life’s greatest treasures. It’s the pleasure and confidence of knowing that friends are always within reach. cuuble is easy to use and designed for older people to enjoy sharing images and information with loved ones.
Connecting people online
A social network that spans the generations through messaging, email, and image sharing
Photo sharing
Brightening the day through photo sharing of family and friends
Diary coordination
Remind yourself and others of your appointments
Remote Care
Give permission to someone close to you to share your medications and other key information
Protected Communities
An unique secure online platform able to create closed communities to protect the vulnerable
Easy to use
Easily accessible with large icon buttons and logical functions
Able to adjust visual settings to suit sight and dexterity capabilities
Certified by Vision Australia
Large navigation buttons with contrasting colour palette

senior communities

Feeling socially connected is more important than ever. The benefits of social connectedness are many.
Feel more secure when socially connected
Feel a sense of belonging when socially connected
Feel more fulfilled when socially connected
No longer feel isolated and lonely