Cuuble Mesh

Cuuble Mesh is a world’s first in truly decentralised, social cell, peer to peer,  self managed block chain enabled systems.

Cuuble can operate as a private system (without the internet if required) or as networked systems that form a mesh of users, groups, villages and businesses.

With the introduction of block chain, a trusted, secure, ledger style of data technology across the world, the cuuble platform has implemented its own advanced version of the block chain technology.

Full details as to performamve, architecture, videos at

Our unique block chain architecture supports:

  • Multiple block chains per cuuble node
  • System wide and personal, self created, self managed block chains
  • The trusted recording and viewing of content such as help calls, scripts, documents, tokenised asset exchanges and media
  • GDPR (privacy regulations) support functions and end user access controls
  • Notification services for on chain events
  • Rapid searching for information across the cuuble mesh (multiple nodes)  or just a single block chain instance
  • Configurable, multiple block types and token types and schema
  • The linking of blocks via transaction identifiers and subject attributes
  • Easy to use operator and end user graphical interfaces
  • Adaptation as to accessibility or application
  • Integrated IoT devices and their configuration
  • System operation and maintenance functions