General Data Protection Regulation guidance for Australian businesses

The OAIC has published new guidance for Australian businesses on the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requirements. From 25 May 2018 Australian businesses of any size may need to comply with the GDPR if they have an establishment in the European Union (EU), if they offer goods and services in the EU, or if they monitor the behaviours of individuals in the EU.
The GDPR includes requirements that resemble those in the Privacy Act 1988, and additional measures that similarly aim to foster transparent information handling practices and business accountability around data handling.
cuuble has been architected with the GDPR principle ‘privacy by design’ in that it can operate in a private or village capacity without any connection to a telco or internet service provider. An essential feature where intimate and private care services need to be supported or where the telco services are poor or do not exist.
cuuble provides a wide range of self-managed privacy controls and user to user interaction governance features.
cuuble can connect to the internet if need be if the privacy issues of such a connection is understood.