Secure Intranet Platform

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Authenticated Users

  • cuuble has been designed to keep data and services as secure as possible and to minimise the risk of unauthorised access to the system.
  • cuuble is a private, intranet-based system. Thus, all village information and private data remains on the office server unless it is explicitly shared via email or other means by authenticated users.
  • Users will have access to the system’s administration functions via standard log on including password. Only simple enquiry and form filling activities will be available without authentication.
  • Where interactions or services do occur with or over the internet, the connections will use Tier 1 service providers for network and cloud services so that data is as secure as it can be
  • cuuble will use a registered domain name and a formal, certified Secure Socket layer (SSL) data encryption certificate.
  • cuuble will not allow other external applications access through APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) ensuring that others cannot see the village, social club or organisation’s private data
  • cuuble will not sell data to third parties (Social media and other technology companies like Facebook sell their users’ data – cuuble will not)